• Question: As an Ursuline I would like to ask that do you believe that staying in an all girl environment helped you succeed in your career?

    Asked by kaibabs to Dominique on 8 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Dominique Sleet

      Dominique Sleet answered on 8 Jan 2020:

      I would say learning in all girls school offered a more supportive learning environment for me. I could be quite shy and the boys could be distracting and I found that when I joined an all girls school I felt more confident in contributing to lessons and asking questions.
      Having said that though, I then joined a mixed sixth form where I was one of two girls in a class of 25 for Maths A Level. Again I was at times intimidated by the boys who tended to be loud but it did push me to work harder as the boys were all so confident and vocal about how easy they found everything. Turns out a lot of their talk was just talk, and it was very satisfying when I scored higher than most of them!