• Question: How did you know that one ball in the lucky challenge would stay in the trophy, sure it wasn’t just a guess?

    Asked by Maja to Sam, Dominique on 3 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Dominique Sleet

      Dominique Sleet answered on 3 Jan 2020:

      Well this is something that we couldn’t know 100% but as Hannah said, the more times you attempt a task, the more likely likely it is to happen and with 3075 ping pong balls falling from the ceiling we thought our odds were pretty good! We did a number of trials of the ball drop experiment with different catching vessels to try and increase our chances of success. If the cup was too small or too shallow we risked the balls bouncing out even if they did initially land inside. In our rehearsals we often had 4 or 5 balls in the trophy so we were pretty confident that a ball would land in the trophy but as you can see on the night lots of the balls didn’t indeed bounce out again so it was pretty amazing that on the night itself there was one and only one ball inside!