• Question: were you known as a "nerd" at school?

    Asked by 18cbarwoodnewman on 31 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Sreejita Ghosh

      Sreejita Ghosh answered on 31 Jan 2020:

      The girls school I went to till my GCSE-equivalent I was known as a nerd and was bullied frequently by the mean and popular girls. The school I went to for my A-levels equivalent had people who were similar to me, all studying diligently for the pan-India engineering or medical school entrance exams. You can say I went to a nerd-school for my A-levels equivalent, and hence there was no more being tagged as a nerd.

    • Photo: Maja Popovic

      Maja Popovic answered on 31 Jan 2020:

      Yes, in high school (years 9-12).
      And for the last two years (11 and 12) I choose the nerdiest school in my country 😀 (called “mathematical high school”)

    • Photo: Fiona Macfarlane

      Fiona Macfarlane answered on 31 Jan 2020:

      Kind of, People thought I was a bit of a nerd, but I also was very shy at school and didn’t really talk to many people.