• Question: What is the probability of a Christmas lecture demo working first time? (Based on all the recorded Christmas lectures)

    Asked by Luka to Sam, Dominique on 7 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Samantha Durbin

      Samantha Durbin answered on 7 Jan 2020:

      Unfortunately, I don’t think we have the data to check this one for you! Wouldn’t it be lovely to have that recorded for all demos since 1825…

      These days, every demo is tested at lest once before it’s used in the proper lecture and things which can go wrong are adapted to reduce the risk of failure. When things don’t work (because there is always a chance of this happening), they are repeated and re-filmed, so that the TV version works out OK. The people lucky enough to be there in the room or at a live-screening get to see all the hiccups, but sometimes things break and take some time to fix which can get boring.