• Question: What is your best studing tip?

    Asked by calumwithers5 on 13 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Fiona Macfarlane

      Fiona Macfarlane answered on 13 Jan 2020:

      I was never good at remembering things if I just read it, so I used to write out notes and make up little flashcards to quiz myself. Drawing diagrams can also be useful as it can be easier to remember a picture than words.

      Although I would say not everyone is the same, so try out a few different techniques and see what works for you.

    • Photo: James Bentham

      James Bentham answered on 13 Jan 2020:

      Different people learn things in different ways, so you need to find something that works for you. In general though, the more time you spend on something, the more you’ll learn. If you find something you really enjoy, it makes studying much easier. Also, talking to other people is a good way to swap ideas.

    • Photo: Maja Popovic

      Maja Popovic answered on 14 Jan 2020:

      The best way for me was first to read things, and then to write them, too. For maths or similar exercises, to *do* the exercise, pass myself through it, not only to read the solution and understand it.

      Some people like to talk aloud, some people like to record the stuff and listen to it (which never worked for me).