• Question: what is your lego collection like ?

    Asked by tgallagher0105 to Sam on 16 Jan 2020. This question was also asked by beenafaestanley8.
    • Photo: Samantha Durbin

      Samantha Durbin answered on 16 Jan 2020:

      I share my collection with my husband and there is a lot of it – we save up to buy the kits we really like, and take advantage of the VIP prgramme which means we can also buy things with points. We tend to go for kits rather than general lego, though we’re building up stuff in case we ever have children (we have been informed that our childhood lego will live at potential grandparents’ houses).

      We have a lot of Star Wars lego (though the millennium falcon he bought himself is his alone, as I refuse to spend more money on lego than I spent on my first car) and we really like the Brick Hedz models too. My particular favourites (and kits which are just mine) is my Lego Wall-e and BB8. When we got married, he bought me the Disney castle, and I bought him the Saturn 5 (the rocket from the Apollo 11 mission which landed on the moon).

      Our niece is 5 and she always gets lego from us for her birthdays. When our friends have children they always get the Duplo train for their first birthday (it’s educational).