• Question: what time do you wake up in the morning

    Asked by finnlaytaylor14 on 28 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Maja Popovic

      Maja Popovic answered on 28 Jan 2020: last edited 28 Jan 2020 9:14 am

      When I can do it completely according to my rhythm, it’s about 9:30-10h
      When I have to prepare kids for school, then it’s 7h (:yawn:)
      When I simply go to work, than 8-8:30h

    • Photo: Fiona Macfarlane

      Fiona Macfarlane answered on 28 Jan 2020:

      I set my alarm for 6am so that I can go for a run/to the gym before work, but most of the time I turn it off until 7am…