• Question: wot time do u go to work

    Asked by milliellewellynn on 14 Jan 2020.
    • Photo: Sreejita Ghosh

      Sreejita Ghosh answered on 14 Jan 2020:

      I reach my office between 9:40 to 10AM CET 🙂
      I usually leave a bit late.

    • Photo: Fiona Macfarlane

      Fiona Macfarlane answered on 15 Jan 2020:

      I usually get to work between 8-8.30am, I like to start early!

    • Photo: Roz Eggo

      Roz Eggo answered on 15 Jan 2020:

      I arrive between 10 and 11, and leave between 6 and 8, depending on the day. There is quite a bit of flexibility in academic settings which allows you to fit things in – however that doesn’t mean the hours are low. A colleague of mine leaves every day at around 3 to collect his children from school, and then works a couple of hours after they go to bed. So it is different for everyone.

    • Photo: Maja Popovic

      Maja Popovic answered on 15 Jan 2020:

      It’s rather flexible (one thing that I really love about my job!).
      When I’m completely free to chose (no meetings at work at the given time, Dad is taking care of the kids, etc.), then it’s something like from 10 to 18h.
      If I have to pick up the kids, I start early, around 8-9h and I finish around 15-16h. Sometimes I start later, but then work more afterwards, while they’re playing with friends, doing homework, etc.
      Sometimes I even work a little bit in the evening, if I start very late or there is a lot of work to do for some deadline.