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Key dates:

  • 11th December — you can now book your live chats!
  • 26th – 28th December — CHRISTMAS LECTURES broadcast. Students can log in from now to read the experts profiles
  • 6th – 31st January — The CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone! Your students can log in to ASK questions to and CHAT with the experts
  • Thursdays 16th, 23rd and 30th January, 7pm-8pm — Evening chats for parental engagement (more information below)


How it works

I’m a Mathematician, Get me out of here is an exciting opportunity for students to deepen their understanding of maths and explore how it is applied in the world around them.

It’s an online STEM enrichment activity where students connect with people who have maths at the heart of their work.

The CHRISTMAS LECTURES Zone focuses on mathematics, statistics, probability, big data and machine learning, linking to this year’s Royal Institution CHRISTMAS LECTURES theme – Secrets and lies: The hidden power of maths. The Lectures will probe the limits of maths and its role in our modern world, ultimately revealing and celebrating what makes our human minds so unique.

In the activity, students:

    • ASK their own questions to mathematicians about everything and anything.
    • have conversations with mathematicians during a 30-minute, text-based live CHAT.

They will connect with mathematicians, technologists, engineers, scientists and more, from a variety of backgrounds and industries, helping students see the wide range of careers that are available to them.

I’m a Mathematician aims to improve motivation to learn, enabling students to see how the maths taught in the classroom is relevant to them and how it is applied in the real-world. We hope to broaden aspirations, break down stereotypes and enthuse students about mathematics.

How ASK works

How live CHATs work


Watch the Lectures:

You could set your students homework to watch a Lecture and think of questions to ask, or show them part of the Lectures in class.

Lesson Plans and Resources

To get students online, you need to create your student registration link and share with your class. How-to guide. Book your live CHATs at imamathematician.uk/live-chat


Extra evening chats – parental engagement

On Thursdays 16th, 23rd and 30th January, from 7-8pm, we’re running extra, after-school chats as an opportunity to involve parents and carers in what you are doing in school. It’s been really popular in previous events, with students keen to introduce their families and friends to the people they have been connecting with in class.

More information.


Useful links

  • Teacher FAQs – If you get stuck at any point, see if your question can be answered here.
  • Staffroom – The staffroom is open during the four weeks of the event from 9am to 5pm. You can chat with the moderators and it’s a place to get help quickly.
  • Guide to live chat transcripts (PDF) — Live chat transcripts can be useful tools for the students to reflect on the lesson, and to look in more detail at the questions and answers from the chat. This guide will show you how to download the transcript, and how to use the data in the file.
  • Student Data: What we ask for and why (PDF) – about how we use students information in compliance with GDPR.

Call us if your question is urgent – 01225 326892 or get in touch via email – admin@imamathematician.uk